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WordPress, Magento, PHP, Codeigniter Framework, C#, Angular JS, WebApps

We have different types of web developers. Most of the website we have been making in the last year or two are responsive web design. This is a website that responds well within mobile, desktop, and tablet. The site of the website "responds" to the device.

In addition, we can make dynamically generated database driven websites. We can use raw PHP, Codeigniter, and C#. These are for more advanced systems which are normally custom-made website like a CRM.

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We Make Responsive Web Design

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San Diego web development company.

We have experience developing websites using the softwares above. All softwares can be combined with others without a problem. Watch the video for a demonstration. In addition, we have a strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, Adobe PhotoShop & Dreamweaver, PHP, Java and MySql.
Pricing: Pricing will always depend on the scope of the project. Most companies need features that come standard in the software. To keep pricing low and competitive, we only specialize in the above softwares. If you need custom application development, we can accommodate that too.
Why choose us?: We have real world experience selling online. We have run our own eCommerce stores so we know how to automate shipping modules, integrate with QuickBooks, manage inventory control, stay PCI Compliance, and streamline operations beyond web development. Side note: The owner of Planet Marketing, Francisco, has sold thousands of items online and knows the road blocks that "will" happen if you start selling too much too fast, especially in eCommerce.
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