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We use Facebook Insights + Google Analytics to monitor our social media marketing campaigns.

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We identify our clients’ best Facebook profit opportunities.  We create Facebook programs that reflect your brand, customers and offerings. We use social media in addition to current marketing campaigns. In addition, we attract super-affordable “targeted” clicks and fans with Facebook ads. Turn your audience into cash. Our social media campaigns are revenue oriented. We don’t try getting Likes simply to get them. We get the right ones to build “your” audience whom you can repeatedly sell to.

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Many companies fail at social media marketing. Social is becoming an easier way to communicate with customers. We don’t recommend the approach of getting as many Facebook Likes as possible. Even when we Like a page, we may never come back to it. So what is our approach to social media marketing? We will build you an audience on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and market to them. This approach is completely different than Google Adwords and is a much longer process. People on Facebook don’t convert as fast as people on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Getting Likes and Fans are not the problem most companies have, it’s getting them to convert into sales.

Invest into Social Media and diversify your marketing portfolio so your company is not so dependent on search engines.

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While some fans will Like your fan page organically (non-paid), most of the successful social media marketing campaigns are paid. The target market is reached in a very different way vs. Google Adwords. But once a person becomes a fan of your business page, you don’t have to pay again to get their attention whereas in Adwords you have to pay for every click. With this in mind, it is IMPORTANT to target the correct people with the right ads to craft a great audience. It’ll be a slower process than marketing on Google Adwords or BingAds, but in the end it’s all about converting fans/visits into revenue.

If 5 out of 1,000 new Facebook fans convert into sales, the purpose of the social media campaign must be revisited or established.