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We are a San Diego PPC company.
Our clients have high paid search conversion rates.

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What Your Company Gets

What Paid Channels Are Used?
Google Adwords - What our video and it'll show a real demo of our work.
BingAds - This is Bing's version of Adwords. Typically it's much cheaper. These ads also appear in Yahoo.
Facebook Ads - We use targeted ads on Facebook, but to be honest, ROI is much better on Adwords and Bingads!
What is your typical PPC conversion rate?
This always depends on the business. While some of our clients have a 20% conversion rate, others have about a 5% conversion rate (ecommerce).
What Separates Us From the Competition?
First hand experience and use of Google Analytics so we know where to focus.

Google Adwords | Bing Ads – Conversions are what matters most in paid advertising. We measure how much revenue each keyword generates & focus marketing campaigns based off that info. Our data is derived from Google Analytics and used to increase Adwords/BingAds conversions. We dedicate endless hours to understanding our clients’ industry and target market on the web.

Our paid search advertising continuously changes because the behavior and outcomes of customers who convert change. What we do is study the conversion funnel spectrum from acquisition to behavior to outcomes. We study what led a visitor to convert into a buyer.

These 2 custom graphs show the history of an Adwords campaign over a period of time. While using standard graphs in any Adwords account is good, it cannot always show 2 important things at once. This can hide some very valuable information. Our custom Google Adwords reports, illustrated in the examples, show 2 KPIs (key performance indicators) on each graph so we can "see" progress.

The mountains of data in Google Analytics are filtered to show actionable insights. These insights can provide a small fortune for many companies while competitors continue to concentrate on the wrong things.

Planet Marketing is a San Diego PPC Company

Google Adwords Consultant in San Diego

Look at the graph above. How can it be possible to reach conversion rates of 20%? The answer: custom reports and data-driven marketing. The data above is real and has been approved to share by Ship Overseas.