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You can’t fix 1 thing by 1000%, but Google Analytics will help you fix 1000 things by 1%

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CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is important for all websites especially for sites that get a fair amount of traffic. Many companies only need to increase conversion ratios from 2% to 4% and business would more than double because fix costs stay the same. No additional traffic would be needed, just a solid CRO campaign. CRO should be included both online and offline. It may provide a powerful impact in days.

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Imagine the image to your left as your funnel. The red portion at the top of the funnel is every type of online and offline visit or inquiry your company gets. This red area includes all your Paid & Organic Search, Social Media, Referrals, and Direct traffic. It even includes walk-ins and phone calls.

What Planet Marketing does is analyse the acquisitions, behaviors and outcomes of your site visitors, ESPECIALLY the visitors who converted. Most companies have a 2% conversion ratio. We study the bottom part of the funnel, the purple part, to find out what led those visitors to become customers. This involves countless hours of Google Analytics and setting up Advanced Segments.

Conversion Rate Optimization is normally a low risk strategy since we use Google Analytics to make the decisions. When we rely on data, it takes the emotion out of decision making and the process of taking action is normally cut and dry. We present data in the most simple forms (normally graphs) so anyone can visually understand it.

While there can be countless things to do online to improve conversions, such as adding video; rewriting content in a more targeted way; putting calls to actions above the fold so visitors don’t have to scroll; one must never forget that a marketing plan is most important. If the goal of increasing conversions is to be taken serious, a sound marketing strategy needs to be written out so our team can steer the your ship in the right direction. We find out why visitors aren’t converting and fix it. We also find out why visitors did convert and do more of it.