Why Most Websites Will Never Generate Sales & How To Overcome It

Why Most Websites Will Never Generate Sales & How To Overcome It

Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness

Example Search Query: chula vista real estate broker

What the person really means is “I want an legit real estate broker who has sold properties in Chula Vista and who I can TRUST.“

E.A.T. – Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness

Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines – Here’s the 157 page doc by Google talking about E.A.T.


Does your website demonstrate that you are an expert in your field? You need to have sufficient information on your page. No Content = No Ranking. Thin Content = Page 8 Ranking.

Does Your Page Answer the person’s Search Query? Talk about past experiences, current customers/clients, cite government articles, put an educational video, etc. Don’t blab just to fill space. Get your point across so people know they have reached the correct page and answer their question!


How many other websites link your website? Do companies like Forbes, USA Today, Business Insider, or Huffington Post link to you? To increase your ‘authoritativeness’ write a really great piece of content and submit it to (Google: submit article to ______):





Associations – In the footer put your license #. Some of you in BNI have your license number, but it’s not linked to anything. Google needs to be able to follow & verify your license number. Put BBB, BNI, Chamber of Commerce, California State Bar, Entity Number if registered with State of California, etc.

Reviews – There are over 200 ranking factors for Google. One of Google’s ranking factors is reviews. Get reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Avvo (for lawyers), BBB, etc.


Once you’re able to achieve EAT, your site should start generating sales. You can compete with big companies too! The reason I’m sharing Google’s EAT guidelines is I personally benefit from it through my own website. My website lands me sales every month. Maybe the word SEO should be replaced with EAT.

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