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We are all on the hunt for more traffic, right? Today, Star Ratings play a huge role in driving traffic to your business website. Google mentions that Ads that have Seller Ratings have a CTR rating that is 17% higher than those that do not.  So what exactly are these star ratings?

What are Star Ratings?

You may have noticed that when you look up a product or service on Google, you sometimes get results that have gold stars on them. These constitute a rating system that is used by Google to denote the performance of either a seller or a product. The system has five stars and is based on reviews that are left by people who have previously used a product or service. As you can seen in the example below, one of the results on a query for blenders has a star rating. Star ratings are important for a number of reasons;

Results for some Google products come with Start Ratings

Why are Star Ratings Important?

We have already noted that Google’s search results display seller and product ratings using a five star system. This enables online shoppers to get a glimpse into the performance of either a product or a seller. Star Ratings are important, inasmuch as they enable you to drive more traffic towards you business.

Human beings have long relied on word-of-mouth when making shopping decisions, and the Star Rating system can be thought of as a digital age version of this phenomenon. A product or seller that has a higher star rating is, in the eyes of many, much more likely to deliver on the promised product or service than one that does not. Therefore,  the Google Shopping Star Ratings system is, unquestionably, a powerful consumer confidence feature. This is a feature that is indispensable for your online businesses.

Seller Ratings and Product Ratings

We have already alluded to the fact that Google offers two types of ratings for online business. These are Seller Ratings and Product Ratings. Both are important, in that they help drive people towards your online business;

Seller Ratings

Seller Ratings are an automated part of the AdWords program that uses a star based review system to give people an idea of the quality of the service that is offered by a particular seller. A good example of the system can be seen in the screenshot below.

shopping star ratings

Seller Ratings inform shoppers that you’re an authentic business with a good reputation. Your business website’s star rating is displayed alongside your ads. Thus, the performance of your marketing campaigns improves with negligible effort on your part.

Once your business’s Google Merchant or AdWords account is in place, setting up your Google Seller Ratings is easy. The simplest method of obtaining Seller Ratings is by including reviews from a Google approved third-party review aggregator on your store domain.

Seller ratings require a minimum of 30 reviews to be eligible for being displayed on Additionally, the minimum average of these reviews must be 3.5 stars.

Product Ratings

Seller Ratings are different from Product Ratings. While Seller Ratings inform shoppers that you’re an authentic business with a good reputation, Product Ratings or Reviews provide vital information to online shoppers about a specific product. Product Ratings help shoppers in making a swift purchase decision. As an advertiser, these ratings help you drive better-qualified traffic to your business website. Google shows product ratings on Product Listing Advertisements in eligible nations;

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Product Ratings are shown using the same 5-star rating scale that is used on Seller Ratings. These stars indicate aggregated review and rating information for the concerned product, gathered from diverse sources such as users, third party aggregators, merchants, and editorial sites.

You need to have at least 50 reviews on all your products to qualify for the Product Ratings program. A product must have a minimum of 3 reviews to have star ratings shown in ads. It isn’t mandatory for you to have a Google Merchant account for your ads to be entitled to seller ratings.

How to Get Seller and Product Ratings

We have already noted that the Product and Seller ratings uses data that is collected from a number of sources. These include;

  • Merchants
  • Third Part Aggregators
  • Editorial Sites
  • Consumers

Third Part Aggregators

Independent Review websites play an important role in the Google Shopping Star Ratings system. They are an easy way through which you can get Google Shopping Star Ratings.  The following are some of the companies that are licensed by Google to collect feedback about particular products and services. You should note, however, that not all Google approved companies are licensed to provide both Seller and Product ratings;

  • Shopper Approved
  • Trust Pilot
  • Trusted Shops
  • Yopi
  • Yopto
  1. Shopper Approved Review

Shopper Approved collects both seller and merchant ratings

Shopper Approved is a third party product review aggregator that also provides merchant (seller) reviews. If you have a business website and sell products/services online, you need merchant reviews  in order to get Google Shopping Star Ratings. These merchant reviews are the highest visible online reviews. Merchant reviews are shown in various strategic locations including on Bing, Yahoo! Ad, and Google AdWords networks.

Local Reviews

If your business is localized; for instance, a restaurant, hair salon, plumber, doctor, or if you run your business from an on-the-ground location, you’ll need local reviews. A third-party reviewer such as Shopper Approved has many ways to collect reviews and ratings from your clientele.

The good thing about Shopper Approved is that it can get you Local Reviews, Merchant Reviews, and Product Reviews. Remember what we said about some companies only offering product and not merchant reviews. Well, Shopper Approved pretty much has you covered as far as Google’s product ratings program is concerned.

If you market physical products online, you need to collect product reviews besides merchant reviews. Product reviews are displayed in Google Shopping and in Product Listing Ads (PLAs) in strategic places to enhance your listings.

Shopper Approved offers you the most competitive pricing in the 3rd party reviews aggregator category. The company is totally upfront and transparent with its pricing. The company’s pay-as-you-grow model presents you an opportunity to collect customer reviews and ratings easily and affordably as your business grows over time.

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Unique Shopper Approved Features

  • Easy to setup.
  • Surveys are fully customization.
  • Collects more reviews and ratings compared to other 3rd party review aggregators.
  • Customer Resolution helps you to address customer concerns and resolve them.
  • Collects video testimonials.
  • Donates generously to charitable causes.
  1. Trust Pilot


Trust Pilot is another review site

Trust Pilot is another of the great review sites that can be found out there. The company prides itself in being uniquely placed to serve as a meeting place for both businesses and consumers. With Trust Pilot, you can;

  • Invite customers to write a review about your product or service
  • Simplified forms make it easy for people to leave reviews about your product or service
  • All reviews are published and syndicated online
  • Your clients automatically receive invitations to review your products and services.
  • The ability to embed reviews into your website.
  • Social Sharing


Beginning at $299 per month (paid annually), Trust Pilot’s pricing is above that which is offered by Shopper Approved. The thing to note however it that you can negotiate with the company to get a better deal. To try out Trust Pilot, click on the link below or on the big banner that’s above.


Product Ratings are, unquestionably a critical factor in gaining the trust of people who view your Ads. This gives them the confidence that they need to try out your product and services. We have already noted that merchants who share their customer reviews with Google can see an increase in their PLA clicks. This in turn will drive more sales for their businesses. Product Ratings are merely an extension for PLAs. Google Shopping Star Ratings give you the edge that you need to stay ahead of the competition. Online shoppers can view information on seller and product reviews through “Click-Type” reports. Therefore, positive reviews and ratings guarantee you more business.

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