San Diego Google Analytics Consultant - Certified by Market Motive

What Do You Get?

Certified Web Analytics Consultant

You will have a Certified Web Analytics consultant on your team. Check our credentials below.

Data Driven Marketing

Our marketing recommendations are based of data from Google Analytics. We don't use "gut instinct" when creating marketing strategies.

Custom Dashboards

Our reports show Acquisition, Behavior, and Outcomes. Different people need different reports. The PPC Manager doesn't need to know about organic. The VP needs to have a broader view.

Things We Do

Advanced Segmentation to find what’s important to “your” business. Every business is different. We proovide Actionable Web Analytics Reporting; Qualitative Research; Experimentation and Testing; and much much more.

San Diego Google Analytics Company

What separates us from the competition? A Web Analytics Certification from Market Motive Logo

Avinash KaushikAvinash Kaushik - Digital Marketing Evangelist - Google, Inc; Author; Co-founder of Market Motive.

Avinash is the Digital Marketing Evanglist for Google, Inc in Mountain View, CA. He often appears in the Google Analytics YouTube channel. You can see Avinash here too. He is a highly sought after keynote speaker at many conferences like SEOmoz, SMX, and SES. He makes recommendations to the programmers who built and maintain Google Analytics. HE IS OUR COACH and has awarded Francisco Meza (owner of Planet Marketing) a Web Analytics certification.

Watch a real video demonstration of how we help clients via Google Analytics

Market Motive Graduateomcp-medallionA quick description of our Market Motive Certification: Advanced Segmentation to find what's important to "your" business; Actionable Web Analytics Reporting; Qualitative Research; Experimentation and Testing; Social Media Analytics; Multi-Channel Analytics; Industry Models, Complex Measurement, and Approaches; and much much more.

You can't fix 1 thing by 1000%, but Google Analytics will help you fix 1000 things by 1%

Advanced SegmentationPlanetman Magnify Glass for Web AnalysisWeb Analytics Rates

We love Google Analytics. It is a passion of our's because it helps drive sales by optimizing marketing campaigns. There is no shortage of data in Google Analytics. Nearly all web analysts we have met don't really understand the power of GA (Google Analytics) and end up producing meaningless data to the CEO/CFO/CxO. Our marketing strategies are based off data. In other words, we are a data driven marketing company which takes out all the emotion of decision making. Our rates for analyzing Google Analytics data vary from company to company. Contact us for more information.

The two custom graphs illustrate a small sample of our custom reports. It shows data in a meaningful way. Google Analytics is great at capturing data, but it can't always "show" you actionable insights.

Let's take the illustrations above. The graph shows how strong the Adwords campaigns are in different continents. We can see there were less conversions in Europe over the last three months. As web analysts, we have to find out why there are less conversions in Europe. This graph shows us actionable insights.

The graph further above breaks down conversions in different countries that originated from Adwords. In this set of data, we shifted adspend from lower performing countries to higher performing countries. The budget stayed the same, but we maximized conversions by using the data from Google Analytics and putting it in an easy to understand graph. This is real data.