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Planet Marketing takes a holistic approach to online marketing. Successfully marketing a website today requires more than SEO. We measure the progress of all our marketing efforts through Google Analytics. We use advanced segments in Google Analytics to decipher the mountains of data to uncover actionable insights. Our marketing efforts are strictly based off data.

We can tell what SEO, PPC or any marketing channel is making or losing money! In fact, we study your conversions to see which webpages are contributing to conversions and which aren’t. We are a San Diego internet marketing company.

Contact our San Diego online marketing consultant today. We are based in La Mesa and work with contractors in USA and overseas (to cut costs in some areas). We are a local internet marketing company in San Diego.

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Google Analytics

We discover hidden opportunities. Understanding customer purchasing behavior is the most important information a company can have. We are a data driven marketing company and a certified Google Analytics company!

Web Design

We make custom PhotoShop designs to help increase sales in your industry. We then integrate these custom designs into WordPress, Magento, Drupal, HTML and/or vBulletin. The web design & software will follow your business objectives. Your business is completely different than everyone else's.


We look at every detail both online and offline to increase conversions. Conversions are the priority in all our work. Track and increase macro or micro conversions through Google Analytics. Want to increase sales, newsletter signups, Facebook Fans, or your visitor's time on site? If so, then CRO is a must.

Social Media

Is your social media working? How many sales are Facebook and Twitter bringing in? Social Media can assist in conversions by providing credibility and creating an online community for your company. You can learn about our social media strategy and why it's important for your business. We also conduct outreach via social media.


We decided to build our Personalized Headboards website using Magento. We didn't know there were going to be marketing challenges based off the work of our web developers. For instance, we had many technical issues that would have caused a Panda penalty. Planet Marketing has gone the extra mile to help take care of those issues before they became a problem.

- Joel Benatar

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